Rough Country Flex Joint Woes

Rough Country Trail Forged Rock Jock Johnny Joint Replacement

WJ RC flex joints shot….again?

Rough Country is a hugely popular brand, largely in part due to price point. It’s a price point we don’t even try to compete with due to our superior product line and premium parts.  The old addage “buy once, cry once” also applies to how much time you spend under your rig fixing broken, subpar, shit. Our mentality is thus…

Build it well enough, with high quality parts, the first time…  so you can spend your time on the trails enjoying your rig, and not all your time on jackstands nickel-and-diming your way into replacement parts every six months.

Having said that, not everyone starts with a pristine, unmodified rig and builds it to it’s supreme level of performance right out of the gate. So you ended up with RC parts under your rig, and they just don’t last…. what now?

Now is the time to upgrade:

For WJ customers with RC short or long arms, you can direct swap to genuine RockJock Johnny Joints by simply unthreading your old parts and threading the new ones right in. RockJock (formerly Currie) is THE golden standard, the benchmark, upon which all other flex joints are measured. They will outlast, outperform, and outflex every other joint on the market. It’s why they are the only joint we use for all our short and long arm applications.


RockJock part numbers by location

Lower Control Arms, all: CE-9114

Front Upper Control Arms: CE-9112SP

Front Upper Control Arms, for those wanting to upgrade to 1/2″ hardware: CE-9112SP-12

Rear Upper A Arm: CE-9114


A full replacement set for long arms would be:

(5) CE-9114

(2) CE-9112SP or SP-12 if you want to upgrade hardware


Now… some important notes:

  • The Johnny Joints have regular length shanks, which are shorter than most RC joints. If your joints are threaded way way out, you may not have enough threaded shank on the Johnny Joint to safely use it. This is normally only on lower control arms on rigs lifted very high.
  • WJ control arm brackets are a unique, wide width. The Johnny Joints are the standard 2.625″ wide, which means spacers should be used for flex joints being mounted in stock WJ brackets (does not apply to joints mounted in RC long arm brackets that are 2.625″ wide) … 2 at the axle end and 1 at the chassis end, depending on which end your adjustable joint is installed at. If your rig does not have spacers, you will need to get some here.



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